Litecoin (LTC) Pits $80: Crucial Market Test 📈

Bernard NicolaiMay 15, 20242 min read

LTC Price Analysis and On-Chain Activity Overview As a crypto enthusiast, you are likely keeping a close eye on Litecoin’s recent price action and on-chain activity…

Ripple (XRP) Faces Risk of Losing Crucial Support 😱📉

Bernard NicolaiMay 10, 20242 min read

Ripple (XRP) Price Analysis: Potential Losses Ahead As a crypto enthusiast, you need to be aware that Ripple (XRP) is currently facing a critical support level…

BNB Price Faces Crucial Test: $600 Support Holding Strong? 📈

Newt BettecMay 10, 20242 min read

BNB Price Soars Above $580, Bulls Eyeing $602 Resistance BNB price has experienced a significant uptick after surpassing the $565 resistance zone. Currently trading above $580…

Cardano Bulls Face Crucial Test 📈🐂🚀

Newt BettecMay 9, 20242 min read

Cardano Price Analysis: Can ADA Break Above $0.470 Resistance? Cardano’s price is making a slow climb above the $0.450 zone, with resistance levels to watch out…

Algorand market cap soars as ALGO faces crucial test 😱

Newt BettecMay 8, 20244 min read

Algorand’s Stellar Growth and Decline Algorand, a prominent blockchain platform, saw significant progress in various key metrics in the first quarter of the year. However, despite…

Crucial Ripple vs SEC Dates: What’s Next? 🚀

Cino GaperiMay 7, 20242 min read

XRP Legal Battle: What You Need to Know As the legal battle between the SEC and Ripple unfolds, there are some key dates and events you…

Dogecoin hits crucial levels 🚀📉

Newt BettecMay 2, 20243 min read

Analysis of Dogecoin Price Movement DOGE has experienced a bearish trend, dropping below key support levels against the US dollar. The cryptocurrency is currently trading below…

Bitcoin’s Fate Hangs on These Crucial Levels 📈📉

Owen PatterApr 29, 20241 min read

Bitcoin Ready for a Potential Rebound: What You Need to Know 📈 As a crypto enthusiast, staying updated on Bitcoin’s price movements is crucial to making…

Bitcoin and Ethereum prepare for crucial test 😬📈

Bernard NicolaiApr 26, 20243 min read

The Impact of Bitcoin and Ethereum Options Expiry on Market Dynamics As a crypto enthusiast, you may have been closely following the recent expiry of a…

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