The Elder Scrolls VI: No PlayStation 5 Release, Post-2026 Launch Unlikely

The Elder Scrolls VI: No PlayStation 5 Release, Post-2026 Launch Unlikely

The Elder Scrolls VI Won’t Be Available on PlayStation 5, According to Microsoft Chart

The highly anticipated Sixth installment of Bethesda Game Studios’ Elder Scrolls series won’t be released for at least another 3 years, and it seems it won’t be available on the PlayStation 5 at all. This information comes from a chart that was released as part of the Federal Trade Commission’s legal case against Microsoft, the parent company of Bethesda. The chart, labeled as “highly confidential,” outlines details about Microsoft’s release pipeline since 2018, including games published by Bethesda such as Deathloop, Fallout 76, Starfield, and The Elder Scrolls VI.

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Of note is the fact that none of the games mentioned in the chart offer cross-platform gameplay. In addition, the 3 most up-to-date games on the list—Starfield, Redfall, and The Elder Scrolls VI— won’t be be released on PlayStation consoles. Although while Starfield recently debuted these 30 days and Redfall was shipped in May, The Elder Scrolls VI is still in early development with an expected release date of 2026 or later according to the chart.

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The previous installment in the series, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, was available on numerous platforms including PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox consoles, Windows PCs, and even the Nintendo Switch. Nonetheless, it seems that the sequel will have a more limited release.

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In 2021, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox at Microsoft, stated that The Elder Scrolls VI would only be released for Windows PCs and Xbox, similar to Starfield. Nonetheless, he later seemed to retract this statement and couldn’t recall making such an assertion. Currently, it appears that The Elder Scrolls VI won’t be be released on PlayStation consoles.

Hot Take: Dissatisfaction for PlayStation Fans

If you’re a fan of The Elder Scrolls series and a PlayStation user, the latest information that The Elder Scrolls VI won’t be available on PlayStation 5 may come as a dissatisfaction. With the chart released as part of Microsoft’s legal case against Bethesda’s parent company, it seems that the highly anticipated game will be exclusive to Windows PCs and Xbox. This decision implies that PlayStation users will have to wait plenty of more years to experience the next installment in this beloved franchise. It’s certainly an unfortunate development for those eagerly awaiting the release of The Elder Scrolls VI.

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