Top Cryptocurrencies to Purchase Now September 7: THORChain, Toncoin, Render

Top Cryptocurrencies to Purchase Now September 7: THORChain, Toncoin, Render

Bitcoin (BTC) BSC: A Practical and Reliable Cryptocurrency Option

Looking for a more practical and potentially reliable cryptocurrency option? Bitcoin (BTC) BSC (BTCBSC) could be the answer. With a clear roadmap and features like staking, BTCBSC is carving out a niche for itself in the market.

Staking coins can be a profitable way to earn passive income through digital currency. By staking your BTCBSC tokens, you can contribute to the network’s security and earn bonus in return.

If you’re interested in exploring the opportunities offered by BTCBSC, visit their website now to learn more and get started.

RNDR: Probable Trend Reversal on the Horizon

Top Cryptocurrencies to Purchase Now September 7: THORChain, Toncoin, Render
Source: TradingView / RNDRUSDT

The digital currency RNDR is showing promising indications of a probable trend reversal. After struggling for 53 days, it has eventually  managed to trade over its 20-day EMA at a price of $1.460.

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If RNDR can maintain this upward momentum and close over the 20-day EMA of $1.433 in today’s trading session, it may indicate a shift in the trend.

Keep an eye on the technical indicators. The 50-day EMA stands at $1.576, and the 100-day EMA is at $1.699. These levels could act as resistance if the price continues  to rise.

Take note of RNDR’s RSI, which is as of now at 49.24. Although while an upward movement in RSI is traditionally positive, it’s critical to exercise caution. RNDR has struggled to surpass the RSI level of 50 since July 13.

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The MACD histogram has likewise shown improvement, moving from 0.009 to 0.015. In addition, the market cap and 24-hour volume of trading have increased, indicating growing interest in RNDR.

Resistance levels to watch out for are in the range of $1.482 to $1.503, with a psychological resistance level of $1.50. Breaking through this range could bring the 50-day EMA of $1.576 into focus.

On the other hand, immediate support is found at the 20-day EMA of $1.433. Below that, there’s a horizontal support zone ranging from $1.331 to $1.399.

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RNDR is as of now at a critical juncture. Its performance in the near future will depend on its capacity to hold over the 20-day EMA and overcome resistance levels.

It’s critical to exercise caution, considering the historical difficulty RNDR has faced in surpassing certain technical levels, including the RSI level of 50.

Hot Take

Bitcoin (BTC) BSC offers practicality and reliability for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, with features like staking that can provide a passive income stream. In the meantime, RNDR shows probable for a trend reversal, but caution is advised due to its historical struggles with technical levels. Stay notified and keep a close eye on these developments in the cryptocurrency market.

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