Top Tech Companies Poach OpenAI Staff Amid Escalating Walkout Concerns

Top Tech Companies Poach OpenAI Staff Amid Escalating Walkout Concerns

OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman ousted

OpenAI’s decision to fire CEO Sam Altman may have put the company’s future in jeopardy. Reportedly, a lion’s share of its employees have threatened to walkout unless the ousting is reversed. Complicating matters further, a number of executives from big tech organizations have offered jobs to employees considering leaving.

Big tech orgnanizations offering jobs

Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott and Salesforce founder and CEO Marc Benioff have offered to match the compensation of any OpenAI employees looking to jump ship while team leaders at both Meta’s FAIR and Nvidia have solicited resumes and offered to place former OpenAI employees in their divisions.

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OpenAI’s current and future state

The firm released its seminal “ChatGPT” product in November of 2022 to worldwide acclaim. In the time since, the company’s valuation has catapulted to a reported $86 billion. Nonetheless Altman’s surprise ousting on Nov. 17 has resulted in unprecedented turmoil for the firm.

Speculation and possible outcomes

Although while the threat of an employee walkout isn’t unusual in the tech sector after a company overhaul, this particular scenario could have an outsized impact according to speculation from numerous boffins and pundits. One unlikely scenario being bandied about involves the hypothetical wholesale hiring of all available OpenAI employees by a larger firm such as Microsoft.

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Future outcome of the company

On the other hand, Microsoft’s hiring of Sam Altman as the CEO of an as-yet-undisclosed new A.I. division within the company could complicate matters as he may no longer be incentivized to lead OpenAI. It remains to be seen whether OpenAI employees will make good on their threat to walkout if the company chooses not to overturn its Nov. 17 decision or if Altman refuses to return.

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Hot Take

OpenAI’s firing of CEO Sam Altman has caused major turmoil in the company, with a whole lot of number of employees threatening to leave. The support by big tech corporations to offer new doors to OpenAI employees has further complicated the situation. The company’s future is in question, with numerous scenarios being speculated upon, but it remains to be seen how the situation will unfold.

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