Trevor Jones: His NFT Journey and the Missed Opportunity to Meet John McAfee

Trevor Jones: His NFT Journey and the Missed Opportunity to Meet John McAfee

**Trevor Jones on Organizing Castle Party 2023 and his Plans for the Future**

The Cryptonomist had the chance to speak with artist Trevor Jones about his career, events, and future plans, including the upcoming Castle Party 2023. The idea for Castle Party originated in 2021 after the Bitcoin (BTC) Angel fall when one of Trevor’s collectors suggested having a castle party. Trevor liked the idea and decided to organize it as a way to celebrate and give back to the community. The first Castle Party took place in Scotland but was only open for one night. Trevor wanted to have a longer event, so he searched all over Europe for a castle that could accommodate multiple nights.

For Castle Party 2023, Trevor has chosen a castle in Paris, where they can have an intimate party with 400 people. The proceeds from this event will be donated to charity in memory of a friend who passed away a year ago from cancer. A year ago, Trevor and other artists raised $350k for charity through art sales, and they intend to raise even more in the year. Trevor likewise discussed his collaboration with MakersPlace, which is one of the sponsors of Castle Party 2023. He has done falls on numerous platforms but has a soft spot for MakersPlace because it was where he had his first big fall was known Genesis in 2020.

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And once requested about his ETHBoy project, Trevor mentioned that they have released four chapters so far but put it on hold due to the bear market. Each piece takes about 3 weeks to create, and since the last two chapters have not sold well, he intends to wait until the market improves before continuing.

Trevor expressed his love for the NFT space as a result of the people involved. He believes there are amazing artists and collectors in the community, and building real relationships with them is one of the best things about being part of this space.

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Before entering the NFT industry, Trevor was interested in combining art and technology. He started painting QR codes and using augmented reality in 2013. Nonetheless, commercial art galleries did not understand his work, so he organized his own exhibitions and built his own community around his art and tech. It took him 6 years to see the likelihood of art and tech coming together. In 2016, he had a successful show was known “The Art of Politics Propaganda” and started making money as an artist. He then realized  Bitcoin (BTC) in 2016 and purchased some in 2017.

As for his future plans, Trevor has a big fall coming on Nifty Gateway on John McAfee’s birthday, which will include physical prints with accompanying NFTs. He likewise has a fall planned on MakersPlace in October and is working on bronze sculptures that he hopes to release as NFTs or physical pieces. Trevor prefers working on big projects rather than dropping new work every week or two.

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In summary, Trevor Jones is excited about organizing Castle Party 2023 and continuing to create meaningful art in the NFT space regardless of the present market conditions.

**Hot Take: Trevor Jones Continues to Push Boundaries in the NFT Space**

Trevor Jones is a pioneering artist who combines art and technology to create unique NFTs. His upcoming event, Castle Party 2023, is a testament to his dedication to the community and giving back through charity. Although while facing challenges in finding suitable venues for his events, Trevor remains committed to providing an unforgettable experience for attendees.

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His collaboration with MakersPlace showcases his talent and success as an artist. In addition, his ETHBoy project demonstrates his creativity and storytelling abilities.

Trevor’s love for the NFT space stems from the connections he has made with other artists and collectors. Regardless of initial struggles in gaining understanding for his work, he persevered and found success by embracing the possibilities of art and technology.

Looking ahead, Trevor has exciting plans for future falls and projects. His patience and dedication to creating meaningful art sets him apart in the NFT space. Regardless of the present market conditions, Trevor remains optimistic about the future and continues  to push boundaries with his innovative work.

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