XRP Lawsuit: Ripple Co-founder Discusses Ripples Latest Appeal, Claims SECs Defeat

XRP Lawsuit: Ripple Co-founder Discusses Ripples Latest Appeal, Claims SECs Defeat

Chris Larsen Discusses Ripple Labs’ Appeal Against the SEC

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Chris Larsen, co-founder and executive chairman of Ripple Labs, sheds light on the appeal filed by him and Brad Garlinghouse against the SEC.

Ripple Labs’ Objection to SEC’s Appeal Request

The host inquired about the latest news regarding Ripple Labs’ actions at the federal level. A recent objection was raised against the SEC’s request to appeal the initial court ruling, which favored Ripple. This ruling confirmed that XRP was not classified as a security during its public sale.

Significant Regulatory Victory and Precedent

Chris believes that the SEC suffered a significant setback in the recent case concerning regulatory matters. While the case continues with potential appeals, he views this as a milestone development that sets a precedent. Moreover, he highlights the mistakes made by the U.S. in crypto and blockchain policy, emphasizing the role of the legal process in providing much-needed clarity, especially alongside pending Bitcoin spot ETF applications.

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Hot Take: SEC’s Lack of Clear Rules and Congressional Involvement

Expressing his dissatisfaction, Chris criticizes the SEC for failing to establish clear rules for cryptocurrencies and instead relying on enforcement actions. He believes that the SEC’s chair, Gary Gensler, benefits from the resulting confusion as it enhances his authority. Chris advocates for clear rules to be formulated by Congress rather than unelected officials.

Impact on San Francisco’s Cryptocurrency Industry

Chris also discusses the implications for San Francisco’s cryptocurrency industry. Due to favorable regulations and support for new ideas, entrepreneurs are choosing to establish their businesses in locations like London, Singapore, and Dubai. Chris emphasizes the need for the U.S. to regain its leadership position in the crypto space, which would benefit cities like San Francisco.

Hot Take: The Need for U.S. Leadership

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In conclusion, Chris Larsen’s insights highlight the significance of Ripple Labs’ appeal against the SEC and its implications for the broader crypto industry. His criticisms of the SEC’s lack of clear rules and the need for congressional involvement provide valuable perspectives on regulatory frameworks. Additionally, he underscores the importance of the U.S. reclaiming its position as a leader in the crypto space to foster innovation and economic growth.

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