YAMA Price Projection: YAMA Surges by 110% as DeFi Integration Advances

YAMA Price Projection: YAMA Surges by 110% as DeFi Integration Advances

The YAMA Token: A Surging Investment Opportunity

The price of the YAMA token has experienced a dramatic surge since its launch on September 4. As of September 6 at 5:42 am EST, it is valued at $0.012, representing a remarkable increase of over 110%. In just 24 hours, its value skyrocketed 550 times, sparking a frenzy of accumulation between investors.

According to data from CoinMarketCap, the volume of trading of YAMA has increased by 176% in the previous day, indicating a growing demand for the token. The question arises: how high can its price go?

Price Gains Driven by Multiple Exchange Listings

MEXC exchange recently announced a Kickstarter listing event, where users can support their favorite projects by voting using MX tokens. YAMA token is now listed on Kickstarter, offering voters the opportunity to gain  whole lot of airdrops.

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Along with this, BitGet exchange has made YAMA available on Bitget Swap, expanding its exposure to millions of users. These exchange listings reflect the increasing interest in YAMA between the cryptocurrency community and have likely contributed to its price surge.

YAMA Sets New All-Time High

On September 6, YAMA reached a new record-breaking peak value of $0.013, with a market cap of $12.8 Million. According to the developers, the next target is a market cap of 20 Million, which they believe can be achieved after the centralized exchange listing.

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YAMA Retreating from Overbought Zone

After reaching its record-breaking peak, YAMA experienced a short-term fall to $0.011. Nonetheless, buyers still dominate the market and are pushing for further price gains. Technical indicators suggest a probable rebound and continued buyer activity.

Bears at $0.013 Force Price Decline

Resistance at $0.013 has caused a decline in YAMA’s price, briefly testing the $0.009 level of support. A fall below this level may confirm a bearish trend. To regain its previous price level, YAMA needs to overcome the $0.011 resistance level.

BTCBSC: An Alternative for YAMA Investors

For investors who missed out on YAMA’s initial surge, the ongoing BTCBSC presale presents another opportunity. BTCBSC is an eco-friendly BEP-20 token built on the BNB smart chain. Staking BTCBSC allows holders to earn passive income instead of engaging in energy-intensive mining.

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Staking and Roadmap Make BTCBSC a Promising Project

BTCBSC supports a stake-to-earn model, with bonus distributed over 120 years. This long-term commitment and the attractive APY of 38,647% have already attracted whole lot of staking activity. Staking BTCBSC can help prevent token dumping and attract more users to the ecosystem.

Hot Take:

The YAMA token has captured the attention of investors with its impressive price surge since its launch. With multiple exchange listings and a growing community, YAMA’s value is expected continuation growing. Nonetheless, cautious analysis of market trends and resistance levels is necessary to make notified investment decisions.

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