AstraZeneca Introduces Evinova to Accelerate Clinical Trials in the Pharmaceutical Industry

AstraZeneca Introduces Evinova to Accelerate Clinical Trials in the Pharmaceutical Industry

AstraZeneca Unveils Digital Health Company Evinova

Pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has recently announced the launch of Evinova, a new digital health company that will operate independently within the AstraZeneca ecological system. AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot believes that digital solutions can accelerate future of the medicine development, improve patient care, drive healthcare transformation, and reduce carbon emissions.

Digital health technologies intend to strengthen healthcare delivery, patient outcomes, and the overall efficiency of the healthcare system. These technologies include wearable devices, remote care and telemedicine, smartphone applications, and virtual or augmented reality. The digital health market is projected to be worth $900 Billion by 2032, and progress in this field is vital in reducing healthcare costs.

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Evinova’s initial focus is on the design and execution of clinical trials, aiming to tackle the time and expense required to conduct these trials. To back Evinova, AstraZeneca has partnered with clinical research organizations Parexel and Fortrea.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Health

Artificial intelligence (AI) has evolved mainstream across numerous industries, including medicine. AstraZeneca stated that A.I. could accelerates the clinical trial process by assisting to design studies, automate cost calculations, and make decisions quicker. The use of A.I. is expected to bring about whole lot of advancements in the healthcare sector.

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A.I. Innovations in Healthcare

A.I. models have shown probable in diagnosing and treating numerous medical conditions. For instance, A.I. has been used to diagnose and remove central nervous system (CNS) tumors, and biotech startup Etcembly is utilizing generative A.I. to design immunotherapy to treat cancer cells. These innovations demonstrate the  capacity of A.I. in revolutionizing healthcare.

Hot Take: Evinova’s Unique Position in the Healthcare Sector

Evinova, with its focus on leveraging digital solutions to improve patient experience and outcomes, is uniquely positioned to deliver science-based, evidence-led, and human experience-driven healthcare solutions. AstraZeneca’s launch of Evinova reflects the growing significance of digital health in driving innovation and transformation within the healthcare industry.

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