Binance Launches Zero Maker Fee for ARS, BRL, and ZAR

Binance Launches Zero Maker Fee for ARS, BRL, and ZAR

Binance Launches Zero Maker Fee Promotion for ARS, BRL, and ZAR Spot Trading Pairs

Binance has responded to your demand by introducing a new promotion that allows you to trade certain spot trading pairs involving the Argentine Peso (ARS), Brazilian Real (BRL), and South African Rand (ZAR) without paying any maker fees. This promotional offer will begin on September 8, 2023, at 00:00 (UTC).

Promotion Coverage

As part of this zero maker fee promotion, there are eight specific spot trading pairs available on the Binance platform for you to trade:

– BTC/ARS (Bitcoin to Argentine Peso)

– USDT/ARS (Tether to Argentine Peso)

– BTC/BRL (Bitcoin to Brazilian Real)

– ETH/BRL (Ethereum to Brazilian Real)

– USDT/BRL (Tether to Brazilian Real)

– BTC/ZAR (Bitcoin to South African Rand)

– ETH/ZAR (Ethereum to South African Rand)

– USDT/ZAR (Tether to South African Rand)

Promotion Duration

The zero maker fee promotion for ARS, BRL, and ZAR spot trading pairs will be available from September 8, 2023, at 00:00 (UTC) until further notice.

Important Notes

Please note that ARS, BRL, and ZAR are fiat currencies and not digital assets or cryptocurrencies.

After the promotional period ends, the standard trading fees will be reinstated. You can find detailed fee information in Binance’s spot trading fee structure.

Keep in mind that Binance has the right to disqualify users from eligibility if any account is involved in dishonest practices such as wash trading, illegal bulk registration of accounts, self-dealing, or market manipulation.

For a comprehensive understanding of the terms of use for spot trading on Binance, we encourage you to review the Spot Trading Terms of Use.


Binance’s decision to introduce a zero maker fee promotion for ARS, BRL, and ZAR spot trading pairs demonstrates their dedication to meeting your evolving needs. This promotion is expected to attract traders interested in these currency pairs, contributing to the continued expansion of the exchange’s market.

Implementing zero fees is a strategic approach to stimulating liquidity and increasing trading activity. According to Blockchain.News, Binance has also recently announced zero maker fees for FDUSD trading pairs, which will remain in effect “until further notice.”

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Binance’s zero maker fee promotion for ARS, BRL, and ZAR spot trading pairs is a valuable opportunity for crypto traders to engage in these currency pairs without incurring any fees. This move not only meets the demands of users but also aims to attract more traders and enhance the exchange’s market presence. By offering zero maker fees, Binance encourages liquidity and trading activity, ultimately benefiting both the exchange and its users.

Binance Launches Zero Maker Fee for ARS, BRL, and ZAR
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