Binances Upcoming Support for REI and MobileCoin Network Upgrades

Binances Upcoming Support for REI and MobileCoin Network Upgrades

Binance Confirms Support for REI Network and MobileCoin Upgrades

Binance has announced its support for the forthcoming network upgrades and hard forks of REI Network (REI) and MobileCoin (MOB). This move is part of Binance’s ongoing efforts to provide timely assistance for significant advancements in the blockchain industry.

REI Network Upgrade Details

The upgrade and hard fork for REI Network are scheduled to take place around block height 15,084,585, estimated to occur on September 11, 2023, at 02:00 UTC. To facilitate the process, Binance will temporarily suspend REI deposits and withdrawals starting from approximately 01:00 UTC on the same day.

MobileCoin Upgrade Details

MobileCoin’s network upgrade will occur at block height 1,936,306, expected to happen on September 26, 2023, at 18:00 UTC. As a precaution, Binance will pause MOB deposits and withdrawals from 17:00 UTC on that day.

Trading activities for both REI and MOB will continue uninterrupted during these network changes. It is important to note that no new tokens will be generated as a result of these upgrades.

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Technical Support and Network Stability

Binance assures users holding REI and MOB in their accounts that it will handle all technical requirements during the upgrades. The exchange has decided not to make any public announcements regarding the reopening of deposits and withdrawals after the upgrades, and will resume these activities once the stability of the updated networks is confirmed.

Further Information

For more detailed information about these upgrades, users can refer to the REI Network Proposal, REI Network Release v3.0.1, and MobileCoin Release v5.0.7.

In case of any discrepancies between translated versions of the announcement and the original English version, the latter will take precedence.

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Binance’s support for the upcoming network upgrades and hard forks of REI Network and MobileCoin demonstrates its commitment to staying at the forefront of blockchain advancements. By temporarily suspending deposits and withdrawals, Binance ensures a smooth transition for users while maintaining uninterrupted trading activities. Taking responsibility for the technical requirements of users’ accounts shows Binance’s dedication to providing a seamless experience. The decision to resume deposit and withdrawal services after confirming the stability of the updated networks ensures the security and reliability of the platform. This announcement reaffirms Binance’s position as a leading cryptocurrency exchange that prioritizes user satisfaction and embraces innovation in the blockchain industry.

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Binances Upcoming Support for REI and MobileCoin Network Upgrades
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