Bitcoin Spot ETFs: Research Firm Forecasts Inflows of Over 70,000 BTC, Targeting this Price

Bitcoin Spot ETFs: Research Firm Forecasts Inflows of Over 70,000 BTC, Targeting this Price

The Probable Impact of United States Bitcoin (BTC) ETFs: A Closer Look

In a recent series of tweets, Vetle Lunde, Senior Analyst at K33 Research, has emphasized the transformative power of United States Bitcoin (BTC) spot ETFs. Lunde argues that the broader market is underestimating their probable impact. Here are the key reasons supporting Lunde’s assertion:

Reasons Behind the Underestimation

Lunde first outlines the favorable climate for United States spot ETF approval, with specialists raising the odds to 75% this year and 95% by the end of 2024. In addition, the Bitcoin price has retraced to pre-BlackRock notice levels, indicating a probable resurgence.

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Furthermore, Lunde predicts robust inflows if multiple United States spot ETFs are approved, surpassing the initial trading days of BITO and Purpose. He points to Canada’s experience, where subsequent ETF launches led to substantial inflows of 58,000 Bitcoin in just four months.

Historical data likewise supports Lunde’s perspective, showing a correlation between Bitcoin investment vehicle inflows and price appreciation. Extreme inflows have historically contributed to whole lot of market uplifts.

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Projected Inflows and Probable Rally

According to K33 Research, United States Bitcoin spot ETFs could see at least 30,000 Bitcoin worth of inflows in their first 10 days. Over four months, the combined inflows into Bitcoin investment vehicles could range between 70,000 to 100,000 BTC. This could potentially lead to a 66% Bitcoin rally, targeting a price of $42,000. Nonetheless, Lunde admits that this projection is based on a “naïve assumption” and does not consider other market-moving events.

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Hot Take

The analysis by Vetle Lunde outlines the whole lot of probable of United States Bitcoin (BTC) spot ETFs that the market might be overlooking. If approved, these ETFs could bring substantial inflows and contribute to a whole lot of Bitcoin rally. Nonetheless, it’s critical to remember that market conditions can change, and other factors can influence BTC’s price movement.

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