Celsius Network Initiates Legal Action Against EquitiesFirst to Recover Assets

Celsius Network Initiates Legal Action Against EquitiesFirst to Recover Assets

Celsius Network Files “Adversary Complaint” Against EquitiesFirst Holdings

Celsius Network, a bankrupt cryptocurrency lender, has taken legal action against EquitiesFirst Holdings by submitting an “adversary complaint.” This move comes as Celsius tries to recover assets from EquitiesFirst, which reportedly owes them $439 Million. The debt includes $361 Million in cash and 3,765 Bitcoin as of July 2022.

EquitiesFirst: The Enigmatic Debtor to Celsius

In the filed complaint, Celsius seeks injunctive relief and a declaratory judgment to recover money and property. EquitiesFirst and its CEO, Alexander Christy, are named as defendants. EquitiesFirst, established in 2002, specializes in long-term asset-backed financing and ventured into crypto-collateralized loan services in 2016. Celsius sought financial assistance from EquitiesFirst to facilitate its operations, but their overcollateralized cryptocurrency loan faced difficulties by 2021.

News resurfaced in July that EquitiesFirst was the mysterious debtor to Celsius, owing $439 Million to the troubled firm.

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Along with the adversary complaint, Celsius likewise submitted a summons, mandating EquitiesFirst to respond within 35 days.

A Year After Bankruptcy

During the digital currency market’s sharp decline a year ago, Celsius suffered and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in July 2022. A year later, co- founder and former CEO Alex Mashinsky was arrested, facing charges of securities fraud and manipulation of the company’s CEL token.

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The Federal Trade Commission imposed a $4.7 Billion fine on Celsius for allegedly deceiving users, temporarily halting the judgment to incorporate funds into the bankruptcy proceedings.

In August, Judge Martin Glenn of the Southern District of New York Bankruptcy Court approved a motion allowing Celsius creditors to vote on a proposed settlement plan. If approved, a consortium was known Fahrenheit would acquire Celsius’s assets and reimburse creditors through the establishment of a new company.

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Hot Take

The legal battle between Celsius Network and EquitiesFirst Holdings sheds light on the complexities and dangers within the cryptocurrency lending industry. It serves as a reminder for cryptocurrency investors to thoroughly research and understand the institutions they entrust with their assets. In addition, the ongoing bankruptcy proceedings of Celsius Network highlight the need for regulatory frameworks to protect users and secure transparency in the cryptocurrency space.

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