Coinbases Risky Venture in Lending, Googles Updated Ads Policy, and Marathons Impressive Mining Results

Coinbases Risky Venture in Lending, Googles Updated Ads Policy, and Marathons Impressive Mining Results

Coinbase Launches Cryptocurrency Lending Platform for Institutional Investors

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has introduced a new lending service in particular  designed for institutional investors in the United States. The move comes as a response to the failures experienced in the cryptocurrency lending market in 2022, with major players like Celsius Network, BlockFi, and Genesis going bankrupt. The lending platform intends to fill the void left behind by these corporations. Regardless of regulatory scrutiny, Coinbase’s new deal has already attracted millions in financial resources within days of its launch. This indicates that there is still whole lot of demand for cryptocurrency lending between high-profile investors in the US.

Marathon’s Bitcoin (BTC) Mining Rate Declines in August

In August, cryptocurrency mining operator Marathon Digital Holdings produced 1,072 Bitcoin, which is 9% less than last  30 days. The decline in production is attributed to increased curtailment activity in Texas due to record-high temperatures. The company had been working on increasing its operational hash rate and optimizing operations, but the short-term shutdowns offset their progress. Nonetheless, Marathon managed to increase its United States operational hash rate by 2% in August, thanks to the upgrade of its miners.

Google to Allow NFT Gaming Ads from September 15

Google has updated its digital currency advertising policy to permit advertisements for blockchain-based NFT gaming, as long as they do not encourage gambling or gambling services. The new policy will continue to prohibit ads for games that involve wagering or staking NFTs against other players or for rewards. NFT casino games that offer players the chance to wager or play for prizes will likewise remain banned. This update marks a shift from Google’s previous ban on all cryptocurrency-related advertising back in 2018.

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South Korean Hana Bank Partners with BitGo for Cryptocurrency Custody

Hana Bank, one of South Korea’s largest banks, has entered the digital asset custody business through a strategic partnership with BitGo Trust Company, a digital currency custody firm. The bank signed an agreement with BitGo to jointly establish digital asset custody services in South Korea. With its extensive network of branches and substantial banking assets, Hana Bank is well-positioned to offer these services. The joint deal is expected to launch in the Second half of 2024.

Permission Granted to Interrogate Political Donations by Judge

Hot Take

Coinbase’s launch of a lending platform for institutional investors shows that there is still a strong demand for cryptocurrency lending in the United States, regardless of the challenges faced by the industry. This move likewise outlines Coinbase’s strategic approach to navigating the cryptocurrency market. In addition, Marathon Digital’s decline in Bitcoin (BTC) mining production serves as a reminder of the impact of external factors, such as extreme weather conditions, on mining operations. Google’s updated advertising policy reflects a more nuanced approach to NFT gaming advertisements, allowing for their promotion while still imposing certain restrictions. In the end, Hana Bank’s partnership with BitGo demonstrates the growing interest of traditional financial institutions in entering the digital currency custody business.

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