Crypto Whale Experiences $24 Million Loss in Phishing Attack

Crypto Whale Experiences $24 Million Loss in Phishing Attack

The Ongoing Risks in the Cryptocurrency Space

As a cryptocurrency reader, it’s essential to be aware of the  dangers that still exist in the cryptocurrency space. Scams, hacks, rug pulls, and phishing scams are some of the  dangers you need to watch out for. Recently, a cryptocurrency whale fell victim to a substantial phishing scam, resulting in a loss of over $24 Million worth of assets.

Understanding the Scam

According to a report from the “Web 3 Anti-Scam” platform, Scam Sniffer, the scammer gained access to the victim’s tokens by tricking them into authorizing “increaseAllowance” transactions. Through this authorization, the scammer was able to transfer out a whole lot of amount of stETH and rETH, totaling $24.23 million.

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Interestingly, Scam Sniffer identified multiple phishing sites linked to the scammer’s address, such as and

The Aftermath of the Heist

Blockchain security firm Peckshield confirmed that the scammer quickly swapped the stolen assets for Ethereum (ETH) and DAI. In addition, a portion of the stolen DAI was transferred to FixedFloat, a trending cryptocurrency platform for seamless token swaps.

It’s critical to note that scammers often send official-looking emails, luring victims to input their private keys on fraudulent websites. By obtaining this information, scammers can take ownership of all assets associated with the victim’s address.

What is the Duration of the Ongoing Decrease?

Another Major Hack in the Cryptocurrency Industry

In a separate incident, the trending cryptocurrency casino Stake suffered a hack, resulting in a loss of over $40 Million. The stolen assets included Ethereum (ETH), MATIC, and BNB. As reported by Peckshield, the hacker has already exchanged a portion of the stolen MATIC for BTC.

Hacks like these pose a whole lot of challenge in the digital asset industry. According to a recent Certik security report, cryptocurrency hacks and scams accounted for a staggering $313 Million in losses during Q2 2023.

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Hot Take:

The cryptocurrency space continues  to be plagued by scams and hacks, highlighting the need for increased security measures and vigilance from users. Remaining notified and cautious is important to protect your assets in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies.

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