InvestAnswers: Institutions Could Compete for Merely 5% of Bitcoin Supply

InvestAnswers: Institutions Could Compete for Merely 5% of Bitcoin Supply

A Strong Metric for Bitcoin (BTC): 95% of Supply Stays Still

Even amidst the present cryptocurrency market downturn, there is a positive sign for Bitcoin. An infographic from Glassnode outlines that an astounding 95% of the existing Bitcoin (BTC) supply has remained untouched during the previous 30 days. This implies that only a mere 5% is actively moving around. On the other hand, what does this mean for you?

Well, imagine if there is a catalyst that sparks the interest of big investors who want to buy a whole lot of amount of Bitcoin. The price of Bitcoin (BTC) would skyrocket, thanks to the limited supply and increased demand. This is the beauty of economics in action.

Bitcoin’s scarcity is what makes it so intriguing. The remaining supply, after accounting for long-term holders and lost Bitcoin, is approximately eight Million coins. This scarcity drives up the price of the remaining Bitcoin. And don’t worry, the scarcity isn’t a bad thing. It implies that the price of what’s left will continue to rise, and even small movements in demand can have a whole lot of impact.

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Hot Take: Institutions Will Compete for the Scarce 5% of Bitcoin

As more institutions enter the cryptocurrency market, they will inevitably clash over the limited 5% of the Bitcoin (BTC) supply that is actively moving. In the meantime, legacy holders who have been patiently watching will witness this battle unfold. The scarcity of Bitcoin (BTC) is truly mind-boggling, and it is this scarcity that contributes to its value.

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And, get excited about Bitcoin’s probable. Its strong metric of 95% of supply remaining still, combined with its scarcity, implies that there is enormous room for growth. As the demand for Bitcoin (BTC) continues  to rise, the price will follow suit. Keep an eye on this space and be ready for the next surge in Bitcoin’s value.

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