GoMinings Brand Evolution Continues with Tokenomics Updates

GoMinings Brand Evolution Continues with Tokenomics Updates

The Rewards of Bitcoin (BTC) Mining Made Accessible with GoMining

Taking part  in cryptocurrency through Bitcoin (BTC) mining is not only rewarding but likewise critical for supporting the network and earning Bitcoin. Nonetheless, in today’s competitive landscape, successfully mining a block and maintaining a Bitcoin (BTC) node can be incredibly challenging. Fortunately, GoMining is changing the game by making Bitcoin (BTC) mining more accessible to individuals worldwide who may not have the resources to build their own mining farms.

GoMining, a Bitcoin (BTC) mining company, is on a mission to simplify and democratize Bitcoin (BTC) mining. Their flagship product, the GoMining NFT, offers daily mining bonus and has consistently provided stable bonus to stakeholders in the previous two and a half years. With over 2,000 unique NFT holders and growing, GoMining is expanding its reach.

In collaboration with MMA legend Khabib Nurmagomedov, GoMining recently launched the Khabib NFT collection, featuring high-energy-efficient NFTs with strong computing power.

Introducing GOMINING: The Token Powering the GoMining Ecosystem

The official token of the GoMining ecological system, GOMINING, serves multiple objectives. It is used for paying mining fees and distributing bonus within the ecological system. GOMINING operates on 3 main mechanics:

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  • Discount Token Model: GoMining NFT holders can pay mining fees using GOMINING and enjoy a 10% discount, increasing their Bitcoin (BTC) earnings.
  • Burn & Mint Process: GOMINING used for mining fees is burned, and a smaller amount of newly minted GOMINING is redistributed to service providers, veGOMINING stakers, NFT holders, and the GoMining team.
  • Vote-Escrow (ve) Tokenomics: Users can lock their GoMining tokens to the veGOMINING contract, gaining governance rights and a share of bonus allocated to governance participants.
  • The discount token model enhances the utility of GOMINING for NFT holders, while veTokenomics and the burn & mint process work together to delimit the token supply over time. In addition, the veTokenomics incentivizes community governance within the GoMining ecological system, granting voters influence over reward distribution to NFT holders.

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    The new GOMINING token mechanics offer plenty of benefits:

  • NFT holders can earn more Bitcoin (BTC) per day with discounted mining fees.
  • GOMINING holders can access 20% of newly minted tokens through vote-escrow.
  • NFT holders have an opportunity to earn 10% of newly minted GOMINING.
  • NFT holders can lock GOMINING tokens and vote to distribute an extra 10% of tokens back to their NFTs.
  • The Concept of Liquid Bitcoin (BTC) Hashrate (LBH)

    Liquid Bitcoin (BTC) Hashrate (LBH) involves tokenizing hash power utilized in Bitcoin (BTC) mining. LBH tokens represent the value of actual computing power. GoMining introduced the first successful implementation of LBH with their GoMining NFT, offering tokenized Bitcoin (BTC) hashrate as an alternative to building a Bitcoin (BTC) node.

    LBH tokens, such as the GoMining NFT, can be purchased and sold, just like tokenized staked Ethereum (ETH). GoMining intends to make their NFTs available on all decentralized marketplaces and DeFi-friendly, enabling lending or collateralization for borrowing.

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    All these developments expand the usability of the GoMining NFT and the wider GoMining ecosystem.

    Earning Opportunities with GoMining

    Now that you understand the GoMining ecological system, GoMining NFTs, and the GOMINING token, here are 3 ways to earn with GoMining:

  • Buy a GoMining NFT: Earn daily Bitcoin (BTC) bonus based on the NFT’s computing power and energy efficiency.
  • Lock GOMINING: Lock your GOMINING tokens to receive 20% of newly minted tokens through vote-escrow.
  • Vote on GOMINING Rewards Distribution: Participate in deciding how to distribute 10% of newly minted tokens, including the option to send bonus to your NFT.
  • GoMining’s mission to make Bitcoin (BTC) mining accessible for everyone is evident through their GoMining NFT and the recent updates to the GOMINING token. Keep an eye on this company as we enter the next bull market.

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    For more information, visit the GoMining website.

    Hot Take: GoMining is revolutionizing Bitcoin (BTC) mining by making it more accessible and rewarding for people around the globe. Through their GoMining NFT and the GOMINING token, they are enabling individuals to engage in mining without the need for expensive infrastructure. The innovative token mechanics of GOMINING, such as the discount token model and vote-escrow, provide additional advantages for NFT holders and contribute to the ecosystem’s growth. Furthermore, the concept of Liquid Bitcoin (BTC) Hashrate (LBH) introduced by GoMining represents a groundbreaking approach to tokenizing hash power. With their intends to expand NFT availability and create DeFi-friendly tools, GoMining is on the path to reshape the mining industry. Keep an eye on GoMining as they continue to drive accessibility and innovation in the cryptocurrency world.

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