Is Bitcoin (BTC) at Risk of Crashing on Thanksgiving? Expert Analysis on Taking Advantage of Possible Price Drops

Is Bitcoin (BTC) at Risk of Crashing on Thanksgiving? Expert Analysis on Taking Advantage of Possible Price Drops

Bitcoin’s Recent Downturn

Bitcoin’s price has slightly dropped from its yearly high of $38,000 to around $37,300. Numerous analysts are predicting further decline during the Thanksgiving period, citing historical trends for our  trending cryptocurrency.

Past Thanksgiving Price Trends

Historically, Bitcoin (BTC) has seen price falls around Thanksgiving, with notable declines in the past 3 years. In 2020, Bitcoin (BTC) retraced by 17%, followed by a 10% fall in 2021 and a 5% decline last year.

Future Price Outlook

Analyst KALEO implies that investors should consider buying during the  capacity dip, predicting a rise to $40,000 by year’s end. In addition, CryptoCon forecasts a new record-breaking peak for Bitcoin (BTC) by May 2024, shortly after the next halving.

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Take Advantage of a Probable Bitcoin Dip?

Recently, Bitcoin’s price has slightly retraced from its yearly high of $38,000 to around $37,300. According to our  trending digital currency analyst KALEO, the downtrend could continue during the Thanksgiving weekend, based on historical trends and price declines during previous years.

KALEO believes investors should not be worried about a probable fall and should consider “buying the dip” to benefit from probable lower prices.

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Several of the Recent Bitcoin Bets

Looking ahead, KALEO predicts that Bitcoin (BTC) could soar to $40,000 before the year’s end, although a possible correction towards $34,000 is likewise expected. On the other hand, CryptoCon implies that Bitcoin (BTC) might spike to a new record-breaking peak by early May 2024, shortly after the next halving.

If you’re interested in exploring additional price predictions, you may want to look at dedicated videos from other prominent figures.

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Hot Take

Bitcoin’s price has recently retracted from its yearly high, and based on historical trends, there’s a probable for further decline during the Thanksgiving period. Analysts like KALEO are recommending buying the dip, while predictions suggest a probable rise to $40,000 by year’s end and a new record-breaking peak by May 2024. If you’re considering investing in Bitcoin, now could be a good time.

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