Metis Offers Assistance to Users Impacted by PolyNetwork Vulnerability while Enhancing Cross-Chain Framework

Metis Offers Assistance to Users Impacted by PolyNetwork Vulnerability while Enhancing Cross-Chain Framework

Metis to Compensate Users Influenced by PolyNetwork Hack

Metis, a layer 2 growing solution, has announced a intend to compensate users who were impacted by the recent PolyNetwork bridge hack. The project will distribute 117,000 METIS tokens to community members who suffered losses. In addition, Metis is implementing an enhanced cross-chain architecture using LayerZero’s OFT model.

Recapping the PolyNetwork Exploit

In July, a hacker exploited the PolyNetwork bridge and drained liquidity pools of 8.8 Million METIS tokens on Binance Smart Chain. Metis responded swiftly by removing liquidity from numerous decentralized exchanges (DEXes) to minimize the damage. As a result, the hacker was only able to steal 117,000 METIS tokens from users.

The exploit did not affect the total or circulating supply of METIS on Ethereum (ETH) or Metis, but it did impact BSC users who faced difficulties with liquidity for swapping or trading after the hack. To address this issue, Metis will distribute 117,000 newly created rMETIS tokens as compensation.

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Compensation via Vested Token Model

The rMETIS tokens serve as receipts for the 117,000 METIS allocated for compensation. These tokens will vest over time, starting at a ratio of 1:0.5 to METIS on September 14th, 2023. The ratio will gradually increase until reaching a full 1:1 parity after September 14th, 2024.

Influenced users have until October 14th, 2024 to claim their rMETIS tokens and can redeem them at any point based on the vesting schedule. This compensation model intends to strike a balance between compensating unaffected users and restoring influenced community members.

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OFT Structure for Superior Cross-Chain Experience

Prior to the hack, METIS tokens on networks other than Ethereum (ETH) and Metis were wrapped versions with lower security assumptions. To expand the cross-chain experience, Metis has upgraded to LayerZero’s OFT architecture.

With OFT, real METIS tokens are available on chains such as BNB Chain and Avalanche (AVAX). Users can earn native METIS bonus by providing assets to specific pools. This upgrade likewise enables seamless Metis bridging without the need for liquidity pool requirements.

Hermes, Unimaia, Hummus, Netswap, and Hera are between the initial DEXes to offer trading in native Metis OFT tokens. Overall, the OFT structure enhances cross-chain operability within the Metis ecosystem.

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Metis Supports Users and Improves Decentralized Ecosystems

Metis has taken decisive action to facilitate users influenced by the PolyNetwork exploit while likewise enhancing the cross-chain operability of its ecological system. The vested token model ensures responsible compensation for impacted community members.

The transition to LayerZero’s OFT architecture provides a superior experience for METIS holders across multiple blockchains. With these efforts, Metis continues  to work towards its goal of bridging Web2 and Web 3.0 and enabling the next generation of decentralized applications.

Hot Take: Metis Prioritizes User Compensation and Cross-Chain Operability

Metis has demonstrated its commitment to its users by compensating those influenced by the PolyNetwork bridge hack. Through a vested token model, influenced community members will receive their compensation gradually over time.

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Along with addressing user concerns, Metis has upgraded its cross-chain architecture using LayerZero’s OFT model. This advancement allows for a superior cross-chain experience and opens up new doors for METIS holders on numerous networks.

By prioritizing user compensation and improving cross-chain operability, Metis is positioning itself as a leader in the cryptocurrency space, bridging the gap between Web2 and Web 3.0 applications.

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