New Airdrop by Jupiter: 1 Billion JUP Tokens to be Distributed to 955,000 Solana Wallets in Initial Phase

New Airdrop by Jupiter: 1 Billion JUP Tokens to be Distributed to 955,000 Solana Wallets in Initial Phase

Jupiter’s Community Airdrop Details

If you’ve been following the cryptocurrency space, you might have heard about the recent airdrop from Jupiter, a dex aggregator based on Solana (SOL) blockchain. Dex aggregators work by searching numerous decentralized exchanges for the best prices and liquidity, then combining trades across multiple platforms in one transaction to save on costs and fees.

It’s essential to note that this airdrop is not related to the Jupiter (JUP) ERC20 token released in 2020. The Jupiter dex aggregator, established in 2021, as of now supports 270 coins and 1,098 trading pairs, with a 24-hour volume of trading of $172,855,765, according to statistics from

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Details of the Airdrop

The specifics of Jupiter’s airdrop were shared on X (formerly Twitter). The airdrop includes the distribution of 1 Billion JUP tokens from a total pool of 10 billion. Of this, 700 Million tokens will be distributed based on tiers of volume of trading, with the top 2,000 wallets each receiving 100,000 tokens. Following that, 10,000 wallets will get 20,000 tokens each, and 50,000 wallets will receive 3,000 tokens each.

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An extra 150,000 wallets will be eligible for 1,000 tokens each, while 200 Million tokens will be equally divided between all 955,000 qualifying wallets, resulting in around 200 tokens per wallet. Furthermore, 100 Million tokens are reserved for active community members on platforms like Discord and X.

Jupiter’s Strategy and Next Steps

Jupiter’s approach to tier-based distribution and adjustments for factors such as time frame and community participation intends to reward active users while being inclusive to smaller wallet holders. Participants can review their allotted tokens on Jupiter’s website next week. This airdrop marks the first phase in a series of community airdrops leading up to the launch of the JUP token.

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Hot Take: Jupiter’s Unique Airdrop Strategy

Jupiter’s decision to distribute tokens based on trading volumes and community engagement showcases a unique approach to rewarding its users. This strategy not only incentivizes active participation but likewise ensures inclusivity for all wallet holders, setting a precedent for future airdrops in the cryptocurrency sphere.

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