Playnance Announces Partnership with Coinstore for Integrated Crypto Trading in P2P Gaming

Playnance Announces Partnership with Coinstore for Integrated Crypto Trading in P2P Gaming

Polygon-Powered Playnance and Coinstore Announce Major Partnership

The Playnance B2B Web3 platform, powered by Polygon, has joined forces with Coinstore, a popular crypto exchange and wallet provider, in a significant partnership. Under this collaboration, Coinstore will direct its extensive user base to Playnance’s P2P trading game, where players bet on the price movements of Bitcoin, with Coinstore receiving a percentage of the game’s revenue. This strategic partnership showcases the commitment of both Coinstore and Playnance to diversify and expand their reach in the digital trading industry.

Unique Diversification Strategy

The partnership signifies a unique diversification strategy for Coinstore and Playnance’s commitment to expanding its influence in the digital trading industry. The integration of Playnance’s gaming expertise with Coinstore’s trading platform can create an ecosystem with benefits for both entities, bridging the gap between conventional crypto trading and game-based trades, driving revenue growth for the entire sector.

Partnership Benefits for Exchanges

Aligning with Playnance’s gaming platform opens up a novel revenue stream for exchanges like Coinstore, diversifying their income sources beyond traditional trading fees. Playnance’s game offers a unique engagement avenue for traders, enhancing user experience without competing with the core functionalities of the exchange, and bolstering customer loyalty and retention.

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Insights from Exchange Executives

The potential of the partnership is best articulated by the executives of both Playnance and Coinstore, who are optimistic about the partnership’s impact on their exchanges and their customers. The alliance with Playnance represents a significant milestone for Coinstore and its quest to offer compelling services beyond trading.

About Playnance and Coinstore

Playnance is a trailblazer in the Web3 space, and its platform is designed to monetize traffic for exchanges, entrepreneurs, influencers, and traffic owners. On the other hand, Coinstore is a centralized crypto exchange with a substantial user base, offering services to users in 175 countries. This partnership signifies the importance of cross-industry collaborations in the digital assets sector, setting a benchmark for their respective industries.

Hot Take: A New Era of Crypto Trading and Gaming Integration

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The partnership between Playnance and Coinstore marks a new era of integration between crypto trading and gaming, setting a precedent for other entities to diversify and enhance their offerings. This collaboration is not just about revenue but also about creating an engaging and entertaining experience for users in the crypto community, combining the thrill of gaming with the transparency of trading. As a result, this alliance sets an exciting precedent for future alliances in the industry.

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