Amazing Transformation: How Pudgy Penguins Overcame Turmoil to Partner with Walmart, According to Luca Netz

Amazing Transformation: How Pudgy Penguins Overcame Turmoil to Partner with Walmart, According to Luca Netz


  • Pudgy Penguins is a collection of 8,888 unique NFT cartoon penguins
  • It was acquired in 2022 by Luca Netz after community backlash
  • Under new leadership, Pudgy Penguins launched toy products in major retailers
  • Toys come with QR codes for Pudgy World metaverse and ability to claim NFT character
  • Project aims to make blockchain tech accessible through cute IP
  • It also aims to build the first mass market consumer brand in crypto

Pudgy Penguins, which represents 8,888 cute cartoon penguins with special visual traits, was launched in 2021 to symbolize positive virtues. Nevertheless, under the original founders, the project faced community unrest due to unmet promises.

By early 2022, accusations of a rug pull and cash grab were widespread, causing trust in the project to plummet, with the floor price sinking below 0.6 ETH. Subsequently, a vote removed the founders from their positions at the start of 2022.

Luca Netz, an entrepreneur from Los Angeles, disregarded the chaos and saw potential in Pudgy Penguins. In April 2022, he acquired the struggling project for 750 ETH (equivalent to around $2.5 Million at the time).

Despite the challenges, Netz focused on rebuilding trust and setting a new course for the project, believing in the power of Pudgy Penguins’ IP and its community’s loyalty. He was determined to expand the brand into mainstream channels and use the mass appeal of Pudgy Penguins to showcase the potential of blockchain technology.

Within months, Pudgy Penguins became the first NFT brand to have toy products in major retailers, with plushies available in over 2,000 Walmart stores and on Amazon. The toys include QR codes that connect to Pudgy World, a metaverse allowing buyers to claim NFT characters.

In addition, Netz raised $9 million in a seed round to fund further growth and instituted a community-centered governance approach that provides holders with trademarks, marketing, and promotional support, enabling them to have a real stake in the brand’s success.

Defying the typical lifecycle of hyped NFT projects, Pudgy Penguins is building staying power. The brand aims to become crypto’s first sustainable mass-market consumer company under Netz’s leadership.

Hot Take: The Future of Pudgy Penguins Under Luca Netz’s Leadership

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A truly inspirational journey of resilience and strategic foresight, the Pudgy Penguins’ remarkable turnaround under Luca Netz has defied the odds and solidified its position as a mainstream pioneer in the world of NFT. With Netz’s vision, the brand aims to make history as the first sustainable mass-market consumer company in the crypto world.

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