Ripple Co-Founder Criticizes SEC Chair Gary Gensler for Bullying Crypto Firms and Harming Blockchain Industry.

Ripple Co-Founder Criticizes SEC Chair Gary Gensler for Bullying Crypto Firms and Harming Blockchain Industry.

Ripple Co- founder Blames SEC Chair for Cryptocurrency Industry Setback

In an interview with Bloomberg Television, Ripple Labs’ co- founder Chris Larsen criticized SEC chair Gary Gensler for his aggressive approach towards the cryptocurrency industry. Larsen accused Gensler of bullying and stated that his actions have caused the United States to lose its position in the blockchain industry to foreign competitors such as London, Dubai, and Singapore. Larsen likewise criticized the Biden administration for mishandling the nation’s cryptocurrency policy, leading to the industry being pushed offshore.

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Larsen further expressed his dissatisfaction in San Francisco losing its chance to become the blockchain financial resources of the world due to the hostile policies of the United States Government. He attributed this setback to the lack of clarity and enforcement strategies employed by Gensler. Larsen highlighted the success of London, Singapore, and Dubai as blockchain hubs, emphasizing the failure of the Biden government’s cryptocurrency policy.

As a result to the SEC’s crackdown on cryptocurrency corporations, there has been backlash from the industry and politicians like Ritchie Torres, who likened the SEC to an overzealous traffic cop on a crusade against the industry. Critics argue that Gensler’s regulation-by-enforcement strategy is stifling innovation and driving corporations to relocate overseas. Nonetheless, others believe that a crackdown is necessary to eliminate bad actors and establish a stronger foundation for future growth.

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Ripple’s Legal Victory Against SEC

In recent legal battles, Ripple achieved a partial victory against the SEC, while Grayscale Investments likewise won a landmark ruling against the regulator. Larsen expressed hope that these outcomes signal the decline of the SEC’s regulation-by-enforcement policy and was known for Congress to take the lead in shaping cryptocurrency policy.

Hot Take:

The clash between Ripple and the SEC outlines the challenges faced by the cryptocurrency industry in the United States. Although while some argue for stricter regulation to secure a secure and stable market, others believe that excessive enforcement stifles innovation and hampers the industry’s growth. Finding a balance between regulation and fostering innovation will be critical for future of the digital currencies and blockchain technology.

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