The Decentralized Privacy Pools Mixer: A Compliant Alternative to Tornado Cash

The Decentralized Privacy Pools Mixer: A Compliant Alternative to Tornado Cash

A More Compliant Version of Tornado Cash: Enhancing Privacy and Legitimacy

Vitalik Buterin and Jacob Illum of Chainalysis have developed a new protocol that is a compliant version of our  trending decentralised digital currency mixer, Tornado Cash. This protocol caters to the legal requirements of the  United States and other countries, offering maximum privacy while ensuring the funds being transferred are not associated with illegal activities.

Privacy Pools: Implications and Advantages for the Web 3.0 Community

Privacy Pools, launched as a demo on Optimism in March, has sparked discussions between blockchain specialists regarding its political implications and advantages for the entire Web 3.0 community.

Tornado Cash: Revolutionizing Privacy Mixing in Cryptocurrencies

Tornado Cash is a decentralised protocol that allows users to accomplish a high degree of privacy by mixing their digital currencies into pools, making it difficult to trace them in blockchain registries.

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This app  is available on numerous chains, including Ethereum (ETH), Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, Gnosis, and Avalanche.

Nonetheless, Tornado Cash has faced challenges due to its association with money laundering and illicit funds, making it a target for United States federal agencies. The Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) sanctioned the protocol in 2022 for aiding cybercriminals in laundering millions of dollars.

Furthermore, hackers utilized Tornado Cash to launder a whole lot of sum of money, making it untraceable on the blockchain. As a result, the United States authorities arrested all 3 founders of the protocol, regardless of it being an open-source code.

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This severity led blockchain infrastructure providers like Infura and Alchemy to delimit access to Tornado Cash, requiring personalised RPCs for access.

The Power of Zero-Knowledge Cryptographic Proofs

Zero-knowledge cryptographic proofs (zk-proofs) are revolutionizing the blockchain sphere, addressing numerous issues and legal concerns surrounding protocols like Tornado Cash.

This technology has likewise helped solve scalability problems on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain by introducing layer 2 rollups, improving the efficiency of the decentralised network.

To combat high gas costs, ZK rollups and optimistic rollups have resurfaced as solutions, moving transaction processing outside of the Ethereum (ETH) mainnet and reducing waiting times and gas costs.

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Prominent infrastructures like Arbitrum and Optimism utilize fraud-proofing and knowledge proofs to strengthen transaction verification and improve the user experience.

These advancements in technology have garnered excitement within the DeFi community and between blockchain specialists as they prove to be valuable in numerous areas of the web.

Hot Take

The compliance-focused version of Tornado Cash developed by Vitalik Buterin and Jacob Illum demonstrates the industry’s commitment to addressing legal concerns while preserving privacy. Zero-knowledge cryptographic proofs play a vital role in revolutionizing blockchain technology, resolving scalability issues, and enhancing user experiences. With the emergence of ZK rollups and optimistic rollups, the Ethereum (ETH) network becomes more efficient and cost-effective. These advancements are not only exciting for the DeFi community but likewise have probable applications across different web domains.

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