Survey by Coinbase: US Institutional Investors Optimistic About Crypto Price Increase in the Coming Year

Survey by Coinbase: US Institutional Investors Optimistic About Crypto Price Increase in the Coming Year

Bulk of Institutional Investors Bullish on Cryptocurrency Prices

A recent survey commissioned by Coinbase outlines that the bulk of institutional investors are optimistic about future of the digital currency prices in the next year. According to the survey, 57% of participants believe that cryptocurrency prices will trend higher over the next 12 months, a whole lot of increase from the 8% who held this view over the past  year’s survey.

Growing Interest and Allocation Plans

In addition, nearly 60% of respondents intend to increase their cryptocurrency allocations over the next 3 years, indicating a growing interest in digital assets between institutional investors. Furthermore, none of the survey participants anticipate decreasing their cryptocurrency portfolios, with almost half of those who as of now do not have cryptocurrency allocations expressing their intention to enter the space within the next 3 years.

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Opportunities in Digital currencies and Other Asset Classes

The survey likewise shed light on the asset classes that institutional investors view as providing attractive risk-adjusted returns in the next 3 years. Notably, 41% of respondents see digital currencies as offering whole lot of opportunities, while private equity, United States equities, and emerging market equities likewise garnered positive sentiment between survey participants.

Hot Take: Institutional Outlook on Cryptocurrency Prices

The results of the survey signal a strong and positive trend outlook between institutional investors regarding future of the digital currency prices. With a majority expressing optimism and intending to increase their cryptocurrency allocations, it appears that institutional interest in the digital asset space is poised to grow significantly in the coming years.

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