Hong Kong Crypto Exchange Scams Customer of HK$1 Million! 😱🚨

Bitro ConwellMay 15, 20243 min read

Uncovering a Cryptocurrency Scam in Hong Kong In a surprising turn of events in Hong Kong’s crypto industry, a deceitful scheme involving “hell banknotes” has resulted…

FTX assures full customer refunds in progress 😃

Althea BurnettMay 8, 20243 min read

FTX Bankruptcy and Customer Refunds: What You Need to Know In the aftermath of the collapse of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX (FTT-USD), a court filing indicates…

Bank employee steals $44K from dead customer 💸🔒

Daisy HodleyMay 5, 20243 min read

Uncovering Financial Misconduct: Bank Employee Arrested for Embezzlement🔍 Reports have surfaced about an employee at a prominent bank being apprehended for allegedly misappropriating funds from a…

Boult IPO expected in 2023 😮 Don’t miss out!

Cindy DuttaApr 28, 20242 min read

Explore The Buzz Around Boult’s Ambitions To Go Public 🚀 If you’re curious about the plans of the Indian consumer tech brand Boult to go public…

Bank Employee Steals $105K from Dead Customer 😱💸

Daisy HodleyApr 27, 20242 min read

Former Bank Employee Pleads Guilty to Draining $105,000 from Deceased Customer’s Account A former employee at a commercial bank in the US recently pleaded guilty to…

Bank of America Faces Allegations Over Discriminating Customer Accounts 😡

Daisy HodleyApr 21, 20242 min read

The Unwavering Stand of 15 Attorneys General Against Bank of America’s Debanking Practices 🛡️ A coalition of 15 state attorneys general, led by Jason S. Miyares…

Customer loses $30,000 in JPMorgan Chase account 😱📉

Daisy HodleyApr 21, 20244 min read

Protect Your Crypto: Beware of Fraud Activities in Your Accounts! 🛡️ As a crypto investor, you must stay vigilant against potential fraudulent activities that may threaten…

Bank of America Customer Loses $21,000 😱 Crypto Analyst Reacts

Daisy HodleyApr 20, 20243 min read

Protect Your Crypto Assets: Here’s What Happened to a Bank of America Customer and How to Stay Safe Imagine waking up to notifications about someone trying…

Canada’s Crypto Providers Must Report Transfers, Customer Data by 2027! 🚨

Wyatt NewsonApr 17, 20242 min read

Canada Tightens Regulations on Crypto Firms The Canadian government recently introduced regulations that will impose increased disclosure obligations on crypto firms. The Crypto-Asset Reporting Framework (CARF)…

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