Michael Firing reveals how cryptocurrencies fuel money laundering! 💸📈

Blount CharlestonMay 17, 20242 min read

Cryptocurrencies: A Rising Concern in Trade-Based Money Laundering Discover how cryptocurrencies are fueling illegal activities like drug trafficking and human exploitation, as discussed in episode 110…

Developer appeals money laundering conviction, seeks verdict overturn 🌪️🔗

Wyatt NewsonMay 16, 20242 min read

Appeal Lodged by Tornado Cash Developer Alexey Pertsev After Guilty Verdict Alexey Pertsev, the individual responsible for Tornado Cash, has initiated an appeal with the s-Hertogenbosch…

Russian Teens Nabbed for Crypto Money Laundering 🚨🔒👀

Wyatt NewsonMay 15, 20242 min read

Teenage Brothers Arrested for Running Illegal Crypto Exchange Ring Two Russian teenagers have been apprehended for their involvement in a suspected crypto-powered “exchange” ring, as reported…

North Korea Caught Laundering Millions 😱🔥 🚫

Bitro ConwellMay 15, 20244 min read

Addressing Cryptocurrency Challenges: How North Korea Exploits Crypto to Avoid Sanctions 🚀 North Korea has once again showcased its cyber capabilities, potentially circumventing international sanctions through…

AI Revolutionizes Compliance: Defeating Money Laundering 🤖💰

Blair ConnollyMay 15, 20243 min read

Combatting Financial Fraud with AI: The Future of Fintech As the financial industry faces an escalating threat of fraud, with global losses exceeding $1 trillion annually,…

Developer of Tornado Cash Sentenced to 64 Months for Money Laundering 😱

Bitro ConwellMay 14, 20243 min read

Understanding the Tornado Cash Controversy Discover the recent legal implications and accusations surrounding Tornado Cash Facing Legal Scrutiny Find out the charges pressed against Tornado Cash…

Parity Hacker Returns, Laundering $9M in Ethereum 😱

Owen PatterMay 14, 20243 min read

Attention Crypto Readers: Hacker Resurfaces After Stealing $246.6M Worth of Ethereum in 2017 🚨 Reports have emerged that the hacker responsible for stealing 150,000 ETH from…

Crypto scandal: Tornado Cash dev sentenced for laundering 💸🌪️

Leo NomistMay 14, 20243 min read

Crypto News: Developer of Tornado Cash Sentenced in Money Laundering Case In recent news, Alexey Pertsev, the mastermind behind Tornado Cash, has been convicted of money…

Developer Alexey Pertsev Convicted of Money Laundering 😱

Bernard NicolaiMay 14, 20243 min read

Facing the Consequences: Crypto Mixer Tornado Cash Founder Convicted of Money Laundering A Dutch court recently convicted Alexey Pertsev for laundering $1.2 billion through the popular…

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