Tangem, the hardware crypto wallet, to integrate VISA payments

Tangem, the hardware crypto wallet, to integrate VISA payments

Tangem’s Comprehensive Product Upgrading and Rebranding Initiative

Are you familiar with Tangem? It’s a hardware wallet business based in Zug, Switzerland, and they have recently announced an exciting plan to upgrade their products and rebrand themselves. Their goal is to strengthen their presence in the hardware wallet industry market. Tangem has already achieved VISA certification for their payment solution, which combines the chip of a payment card with their applet. This means that you can use your cryptocurrency to make transactions at any of the 95 million Visa terminals worldwide. Impressive, right? This upgrade comes as a result of Tangem’s rapid expansion over the past month. They have seen a 738% increase in monthly active users since their product launch last year. Now, they are aiming to compete with other prominent hardware wallets like Ledger Wallet and Trezor.

Tangem’s Rebranding Efforts

During a recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, Tangem shared details about their rebranding efforts. They have planned several enhancements to their product design and improvements to the hardware wallet. The rebranding includes a complete overhaul of the Tangem app, a fresh brand style guide, an updated logo, new cards, and new packaging. They are also making the application more user-friendly by adding features like token sorting and grouping, a dark style option, the ability to hide balances, and a transaction history feature. Additionally, they are conducting an assessment of the firmware to ensure its immutability. Tangem is also providing round-the-clock human assistance in multiple languages and introducing an address book feature for seamless transactions. Excitingly, they will be launching a new product page on their website on September 10. Tangem is really going all out to enhance their user experience!

Tangem’s Visa Integration

Let’s talk about Tangem’s remarkable partnership with VISA. This collaboration is a major milestone for Tangem as they introduce a new payment solution. Last year, they received VISA accreditation, allowing users to make payments at over 95 million VISA merchant locations. They achieved this through their Tangem Pay applet. What makes this payment card unique is that it is seamlessly integrated into a global payment network. By storing both the public and private keys of a bitcoin wallet inside the card’s chip, Tangem has made payment transactions easier and more efficient. When you use the payment card at a terminal, it creates a Visa payment message and generates a one-time password for blockchain authentication. Tangem’s payment solution stands out because it is the only hardware cold storage wallet that offers this integrated payment functionality. This is a game-changer for crypto transactions!

Hot Take: Tangem’s Potential for Crypto Adoption and Security

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Tangem’s recent expansion in its user base demonstrates their potential for driving mass crypto adoption and enhancing fund security. With their upgraded products and VISA integration, Tangem is positioning itself as a strong competitor in the hardware wallet industry. Their commitment to improving user experience, providing round-the-clock assistance, and ensuring firmware immutability shows their dedication to customer satisfaction and security. As Tangem expands its global distribution and transportation, it is clear that they are ready to make their mark on the crypto world. Keep an eye on Tangem as they continue to innovate and deliver cutting-edge solutions for cryptocurrency users!

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