The CEO of MobileCoin emphasizes the need for increased female representation in the crypto industry

The CEO of MobileCoin emphasizes the need for increased female representation in the crypto industry

Interview with Sara Drakeley, CEO of MobileCoin

In a recent episode of the podcast, Elisha Owusu Akyaw interviews Sara Drakeley, the CEO of MobileCoin. MobileCoin is a company that enables digital currency payments through instant messaging applications like Signal. Drakeley shares her journey from working on animated films at Disney to entering the cryptocurrency space.

Women in Leadership in the Cryptocurrency World

Drakeley admits that the cryptocurrency industry has a reputation as a male-dominated space. Nonetheless, she likewise outlines the existence of inclusive communities that provide safe spaces for women. Regardless of this progress, Drakeley believes more can be done to accommodate the specific needs of women who are likewise mothers. By addressing these needs, the cryptocurrency world can create a more welcoming environment for all.

The Vision of MobileCoin

Drakeley describes that MobileCoin intends to combine the convenience and affordability of digital currency payments with the security of encrypted messaging platforms. By leveraging the popularity of these messaging applications, MobileCoin hopes to drive widespread adoption of digital currency payments.

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The Future of Digital currency Regulations

In the case of regulations in the cryptocurrency space, Drakeley believes that they will catch up as adoption increases. She compares it to data privacy on the web, keeping in mind that regulations only became prominent once there was widespread use of the internet. Similarly, as more people embrace digital currencies for payments, regulators will step in to protect citizens.

Hot Take: Embracing Inclusivity and Adoption

Sara Drakeley’s journey from Disney to MobileCoin outlines the growing presence of women in leadership roles within the cryptocurrency industry. Although while progress has been made towards inclusivity, there is still work to be done in accommodating the specific needs of women who are mothers. MobileCoin’s vision of combining digital currency payments with encrypted messaging platforms shows the  capacity for widespread adoption. As adoption increases, regulations will likely follow suit to protect users. Overall, embracing inclusivity and driving adoption are key factors in shaping future of the cryptocurrencies.

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