The Opportunity for Web3 Social: Networks Like Twitter Experience an Upheaval.

The Opportunity for Web3 Social: Networks Like Twitter Experience an Upheaval.

The Benefits of Web3 Social Platforms for Creators

Li Jin, co-founder and general partner at Variant VC, has extensively discussed the advantages of web3 social platforms for creators. Stani Kulechov, creator of Aave and key figure in the development of Lens Protocol, shares similar sentiments.

Exploring the Problems with Existing Social Media

In this episode, Li and Kulechov delve into the issues plaguing the current social media landscape. They highlight the opportunities that arise with the emergence of web3 social platforms like Lens Protocol.

Empowering Creators

One of the key benefits of web3 social is the complete control it gives creators over their business models. Unlike traditional social media, web3 platforms allow creators to have autonomy and ownership over their content and monetization strategies.

Opportunities for Web3 Social

Web3 social platforms provide new opportunities for creators to thrive. They enable greater financialization of social media, community ownership, and the concept of a “liquid citizen.” With web3 social, creators can engage in investing and tokenization, further expanding their monetization options.

Lens Protocol: A Game-Changing Platform

Lens Protocol, developed by Stani Kulechov, is a prime example of a web3 social network. It aims to address the limitations of existing social media platforms and empower creators with innovative features and a community-driven approach.

Hot Take

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The rise of web3 social platforms presents a transformative opportunity for creators to regain control over their content and monetization. By embracing this new paradigm, creators can shape the future of social media and unlock unprecedented potential.

The Opportunity for Web3 Social: Networks Like Twitter Experience an Upheaval.
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