Top Crypto Performers on September 13 – TON, VET, COMP, and MKR: A Look at the Best Performing Cryptocurrencies

Top Crypto Performers on September 13 - TON, VET, COMP, and MKR: A Look at the Best Performing Cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency market’s volume of trading has dropped by 21% regardless of a small increase in market capitalization. Bitcoin, the largest digital currency, has seen a 0.30% price increase in the previous day thanks to excitement over Franklin Templeton’s filing for a spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETF. Nonetheless, a report from CryptoCon implies that bearish movements may occur before the next bull run.

Several tokens have responded positively to the positive trend turn, with gains of over 9% in the previous day. One such token is TON, which experienced a surge in price after receiving support from Telegram. Telegram intends to integrate the TON network directly into its app, leading to a 9% price increase and a surge in volume of trading for TON.

Another token that has seen whole lot of gains is Vechain (VET), which is rumored to be listed on Coinbase. This speculation has driven up the price of VET by 10% and pushed it over a key resistance level.

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Compound (COMP) has likewise experienced an uptrend following positive sentiment in the market. The recent integration of USDC with the Compound ecological system has contributed to COMP’s price increase.

Maker (MKR) has seen price changes after announcing a collaboration with Ethereum_sg and Phoenixlabsdev. This collaboration intends to reward users and builders who contribute to the expansion of the Spark protocol and SubDAOs.

Along with these tokens, Wall Street Memes (WSM) and yPredict (YPRED) are two new projects making waves in the cryptocurrency market. WSM is set to list on a tier 1 exchange in the next 13 days, offering investors an opportunity to be part of its high-growth probable. Overall, while there are positive updates and new projects driving gains in the cryptocurrency market, it’s critical to stay cautious as bearish movements may still occur before the next bull run.

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Hot Take: Positive Developments Drive Gains in Cryptocurrency Market

Regardless of a decrease in volume of trading, the cryptocurrency market has seen some tokens experience whole lot of price increases. TON, VET, COMP, and MKR have all benefited from positive developments such as partnerships, probable listings, and integrations. These developments have sparked excitement between investors and driven up prices.

Nonetheless, it’s critical to remember that the market is still prone to bearish movements. Although while there are indications of positive trend momentum for these tokens, it’s critical to stay cautious and monitor the market closely. As always, do your own research and make notified investment decisions based on your risk tolerance and investment goals.

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