Unveiled: Discovery of Grayscales $16 billion Bitcoin Trust reserves

Unveiled: Discovery of Grayscales $16 billion Bitcoin Trust reserves

Unveiling the Cryptocurrency Addresses of Grayscale Bitcoin (BTC) Trust

You can now verify the holdings of the Grayscale Bitcoin (BTC) Trust (GBTC), the second- largest known Bitcoin (BTC) holding entity worldwide, thanks to the efforts of Onchain detectives from the Arkham Intelligence platform. With over $16 Billion in BTC, Grayscale’s holdings were recently realized  and reported by Arkham’s official account on September 6. Previously, investors had to rely on the company’s public reports as they refused to disclose their addresses due to security concerns, as stated in a post in November 2022.

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According to the findings, Grayscale’s Bitcoin (BTC) Trust holds a total of 627,779 Bitcoin ($16.14 billion), distributed across more than 1,750 different addresses. Each address holds no more than 1,000 BTC.

Grayscale Bitcoin (BTC) Trust’s holdings onchain map. Source: Arkham Intelligence (by Finbold on September 7, at 12 pm UTC)

Exploring Grayscale’s Digital currency Holdings

Along with the Bitcoin (BTC) Trust holdings, Grayscale’s known addresses likewise contain 29 other digital currencies, bringing the total digital assets value to $21.07 billion, including BTC.

Nonetheless, whole lot of holdings are only observed in the following 10 cryptocurrencies:

  • Ethereum (ETH) (ETH): 3.026 Million Ethereum (ETH) ($4.93 billion)
  • Chainlink (LINK): 301,488 LINK ($1.88 million)
  • Polygon (MATIC): 3.196 Million MATIC ($1.77 million)
  • Uniswap (UNI): 263,888 UNI ($1.17 million)
  • Basic Attention Token (BAT): 5.826 Million BAT ($977,030)
  • Maker Protocol (MKR): 338.47 MKR ($383,130)
  • AAVE Protocol (AAVE): 4,999 AAVE ($275,320)
  • Synthetix Network (SNX): 91,488 SNX ($213,170)
  • Curve Finance (CRV): 297,523 CRV ($130,250)
  • Avalanche (AVAX) (AVAX): 7,052 Avalanche (AVAX) ($69,670)
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Other holdings amount to less than $5,000, mostly consisting of small fractions that were likely sent without request to include the tokens in Grayscale’s addresses on intelligence platforms like Arkham’s.

Grayscale has gained prominence in the digital currency market as one of the leading corporations in cryptocurrency asset management. They are as of now awaiting a decision from the United States SEC regarding their request to transform GBTC into a spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETF.

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Hot Take: Revealing the Extent of Grayscale’s $16 Billion Bitcoin (BTC) Trust Holding

The recent identification of Grayscale Bitcoin (BTC) Trust’s cryptocurrency addresses provides investors with transparency and the  probable to independently verify the entity’s holdings. This development adds trust and accountability to Grayscale’s operations, benefiting the cryptocurrency community as a whole. With Grayscale managing billions of dollars in numerous digital currencies, their role in the market and the ongoing regulatory considerations surrounding them highlight the growing importance of cryptocurrency assets in the financial landscape.

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