Zeebu Secures $25 Million in Presale Funding for Worlds First Telecom Carriers On-chain Invoice Settlement Platform

Zeebu Secures $25 Million in Presale Funding for Worlds First Telecom Carriers On-chain Invoice Settlement Platform

Zeebu Raises $25 Million in Presale Funding Round

Zeebu, the blockchain-based settlement platform for the telecom carrier industry, has successfully surpassed its hard cap target of $15 Million by raising $25 Million in a presale funding round. Bankai Ventures and other strategic investors have shown their support for Zeebu’s innovative on-chain invoice settlement platform and loyalty token, which intends to revolutionize the industry.

Empowering the Telecom Carrier Industry

Zeebu’s mission is to empower the telecom carrier industry with cutting-edge blockchain technology and innovative loyalty solutions. The whole lot of funding milestone brings them closer to realizing their vision of driving positive change in the industry. Zeebu’s loyalty token offers unprecedented advantages, eliminating the need for traditional banking channels and intermediaries while enabling quicker transactions and enhancing margins.

Transforming Settlement Processes and Efficiency

Zeebu’s value proposition and probable to transform the telecom carrier sector have attracted attention from industry specialists. Bankai Ventures’ CFO, Sean Byrnes, believes Zeebu will lead the way in transforming settlement processes and ushering in a new era of efficiency for the $120 Billion telecom industry. Through its loyalty token, Zeebu incentivizes and bonus carriers, streamlining transactions and enhancing operational efficiency.

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Strategic Partnerships and Overcoming Challenges

Zeebu has already secured strategic partnerships with major telecommunications providers, aiming to onboard over 100 telecom carriers. These partnerships, with corporations like Hayo Telecom Inc., Axistel FZE, and Qatama Ltd, will assist overcome the long-standing challenges faced by industry players.

About Zeebu

Zeebu is the world’s first on-chain invoice settlement platform for the Telecom Carrier Industry, powered by $ZBU. Their mission is to revolutionize the industry by empowering telecom carriers with loyalty rewards, streamlined invoice settlements, and enhanced transparency through blockchain technology.

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Hot Take: Revolutionizing the Telecom Carrier Industry

Zeebu’s successful funding round and strategic partnerships demonstrate the market’s enthusiasm for their innovative solutions. By leveraging blockchain technology, Zeebu intends to transform settlement processes and efficiency in the telecom carrier industry, creating a seamless and efficient experience for all participants. With their groundbreaking platform, Zeebu is poised to revolutionize the $120 Billion telecom industry and drive positive change.

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